Drunk driver injures three passengers in crash

| Sep 26, 2019 | DWI

When you take a ride with someone, your life and safety are in the driver’s hands. If that driver chooses to drink and drive, you are at serious risk for injury.

Three passengers in Virginia recently found out how dangerous a drunk driver can be. A severe car accident injured everyone in the car. Because of the choice of the driver, all the passengers must now deal with medical bills for injuries.

Driver missed a curve and rolled his car

After driving too fast for the road, the driver missed a curve, hit a tree and rolled his car multiple times. The accident injured himself and all three passengers. Police arrested him for a DUI. He faces several more charges related to the accident.

Driver put his friends in serious danger

Drivers that choose to drive while intoxicated often drive too fast and recklessly for the road. And since alcohol slows down reaction time, they often do not react quickly enough to dangers in the road. By missing a curve in the road, this driver put his friends in danger of severe injury and death.

Virginia’s punitive damages

Virginia law has strict penalties for the driver. But his friends also can seek compensation from him through Virginia courts. Courts can award punitive damages when a driver disregards the safety of passengers. These damages can help pay for the high medical bills of the injured passengers.

When you ride with someone else, you expect them to keep you safe. But drivers that choose to drink and drive endanger your safety.