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Product Liability

Virginia Product Liability Attorney That Defends Your Safety as a Consumer

Helping you recover damages for defective product injuries

Consumers should be able to trust that the products they purchase are safe when used as directed. This unfortunately is not always the case and people are often injured by dangerous or defective products they use every day. Unsafe toys, prescription drugs, food supplements or products, medical devices, fireworks, motor vehicles — the list is virtually endless.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, you have the right to file a product liability claim. A Roanoke product liability lawyer can help you recover damages for your injuries. Johnson Law PLC has an in-depth understanding of Virginia product liability law and we use that knowledge to hold accountable all parties legally responsible for the defective product.

Understanding product liability claims

Product liability is the legal responsibility of any party along the chain of manufacture and sale of a product. Manufacturers, distributors and sellers have a responsibility to the consumers to deliver products that are free of potentially dangerous defects. When you are injured by a dangerous or defective product, Virginia law holds producers and manufacturers liable for your injuries if there is evidence of:

  • Defective product design — products that are dangerous due to a faulty design
  • Manufacturing flaw — products that are built incorrectly
  • Failure to warn — products that are expected to be dangerous but lack a clear warning

Product liability cases can be difficult to litigate but a Roanoke personal injury lawyer can help. Johnson Law PLC understands that knowledge is your biggest asset when it comes to navigating the complexities of defective product liability laws. We work together with you to bring about the best attainable outcome and ensure you are properly compensated for the life-altering injuries you sustained.

A product liability attorney you can count on

At Johnson Law PLC, firm principal Neal Johnson has extensive experience representing victims who have been injured by a defective product. We are compassionate advocates who help you at every stage of the process, from evaluating your case to representing you in court. Your best interests are our top priority, and Johnson Law PLC will never settle your case without your permission.

Let a defective products lawyer in Roanoke, VA get justice for you

If you have been injured by a defective product, help is available. For an attorney who understands product liability cases and is dedicated solely to your best interests, call Johnson Law PLC at 540-685-0136 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We are experienced, compassionate and accessible with offices conveniently located within walking distance of downtown Roanoke.

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